Trust's Grant Policy

The Trust's Grant Policy is detailed below:

  1. The trustees welcome applications for grants and request that those applying adopt the procedure set out in “How to apply for a grant
  2. While the trustees discretion is wide, as a matter of practice the trustees have historically sought to support:
    1. Charitable projects and activities in or benefiting the people of Nottinghamshire or Norfolk
    2. Activities relating to community healthcare services including home care, after care, sufferers of long term medical conditions and the continuing care of disabled people.
    3. Health education and prevention – promoting knowledge and awareness of specific diseases or medical conditions
    4. Lifelong learning projects helping people of any age to achieve their educational potential through supplementary schools, literacy and numeracy projects, community education, vocational/restart education for the unemployed, and alternative education for excluded school pupils
    5. Community development by helping groups to organise and respond to problems and needs in their communities
    6. Personal social services including organisations assisting individuals or families to overcome social deprivation e.g. people who are homeless or disabled and their carers, single parent and childcare groups and other family support groups
    7. Social preventive schemes covering activities which prevent crime, “dropping out” and general delinquency, provide social care outreach services, deliver social health and safety awareness schemes
    8. Community social activities which promote social engagement for vulnerable people, mitigating against isolation and loneliness
  3. Please note:
    1. The Trust will only donate to organisations based or specifically working in England
    2. The Trust will not consider any new application for donations from individuals
    3. The Trust will not donate to activities that are the responsibility of the local health authority, education authority or similar body